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Project Description
The purpose of MigrateTool is to help the developer create an automated migration of data, easy to monitor and log. The data sources is supposed to be an MS Sql Server database supporting Microsoft's new technology LinqToSql which is part of their .NET 3.5 framework release.

Migration of data from one database to another is something that developer must solve from time to time in their work. A common solution is to create huge bunch of SQL scripts, scripts that could evolve to be very complex and hard to reuse in a another migration project. It´s hard to get any structure of these scripts (well it´s just a bunch of scripts what do you expect?).
This tool start evolving when I solving a real world problem where the migration needed quite much more logic then just copying data, for example one thing that I had to do was to take out a filename for a image, read the image from the file system and put the file in the target table, that's not so easy to do with a SQL script at all.

MigrateTool is a tool for helping developers solving this kind of problems using .NET code, one part is a template project that the programmer has to configure it uses LinqToSql, the models for source and target databases is an drag and drop operation in Visual Studio. When all this is done you have a source and target to start working with, you can begin create the transformer classes, these classes are responsible for the data migration they are very easy to understand and extend when your need´s grow.

In the release there are pdf file explaining how to create your own migration template project and transformers, the release also contains a sample database and all sourcecode...

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